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Geno’s Green Chicken Enchiladas

There are two genres of food that tie in my book of ‘favorite kind of food to eat’…Mexican food and Italian food. I could honestly eat either or every day of my life, for the rest of my life, and be content. With that said, I always find making Italian food less challenging than Mexican.

Maybe it is because pasta tops the list of one of the easiest dinner items to cook, or that Italian food was just more prominent growing up. Whatever the case, I am sooooo happy that my dear family friend Geno, brought his Green Enchiladas into my life. Not only does his recipe taste authentically amazing, it is a cinch to make! Within the past two weeks, this dish has been on my plate on three separate occasions (…and no, that does not include when I ate it as left-overs!).

Great for serving a crowd, Geno’s Green Enchiladas are the perfect meal to go along with you’re skinny (or not skinny) girl margarita on the rocks!

~Geno’s Green Enchiladas ~


  • 1 large can of Las Palmas Green Enchilada Sauce
  • 12 small corn tortillas cut in half
  • 1 whole rotisserie chicken, chicken shredded
  • 1 bag of mexican blend cheese, shredded
  • cilantro (About 1/4 of a cup, finely chopped)
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper
 *Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  1. In a 13×9 inch glass pyrex, pour 1/4 of a cup of the green enchilada sauce to cover the bottom.
  2. Cutting the tortillas in half, and place 8 tortilla halves on the bottom of the pyrex.
  3. Next add 1/4 of a cup of the shredded chicken over the tortillas
  4. Add 1/4 cup shredded cheese
  5. Add a sprinkle of cilantro (about a tablespoon)
  6. Add 1 teaspoon of the garlic powder salt and pepper
  7. Cover with 1/4 cup of the green enchilada sauce
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 twice more, finishing with the cheese on top of the green sauce and final layer of tortillas
  9. Bake for 35 minutes or until the cheese on top is bubbly and melted!
  10. Serve with a slice of lime, chips and salsa, avocado or a margarita… The possibilities are endless!
Why I love this recipe:
It is just so gosh darn easy… You are literally making layers like you would a lasagna. So sure, it isn’t your traditional rolled style enchilada, but who has the time to make 20 of those? I made this recipe today and actually timed myself. If the prep is done, (which took me all of 5 minutes), the assembly took just 7 minutes! The key is in buying an already pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. If you don’t have the luxury of having these guys roasting around your nearest grocery store, regular raw chicken breast can be boiled with some garlic (about 4 small cutlets and 4 cloves of garlic) and will do the trick as well!
Thanks to Geno for sharing is easy, but oh, so delish, green enchilada recipe! This one is definitely a crowd pleaser! 😀

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